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Every once in a while, I come across an article that would have been great to have on hand for a past show. Sometimes new information on a topic is so profoundly different that it warrants a whole new show on that topic. Sometimes, though, it doesn’t, and that’s where this post comes in.

Last Monday, May 12, we repeated our show on Advances in Prosthetics. Near the end of that show, a caller asked our panel whether the folks who develop prosthetic limbs for people ever make them for animals, as well. A few days ago, Gabe Bullard shared an article from the mental_floss blog called Animal Prosthetics: A Leg Up on a Bad Break. It tells the tail (ha ha) of ten animals who’ve been fitted with prosthetic devices, some high-tech and some low, with varying levels of success (hint: one prosthetic was eaten by its recipient). Included are elephants, a dog, a cat, a kangaroo, and several birds, among others.

* * * * *

Going back a bit farther, to October of 2007, we did a show about Health Equity, featuring Dr. Adewale Troutman and Dr. Ricky L. Jones. They discussed Louisville’s Center for Health Equity, and how African-Americans and members of other minority groups often don’t have access to the same type of care or quality of care as white patients.

While poking around online yesterday, I found an article that brings health equity to mind, and demonstrates that it’s not just a problem in the USA. Australian blog Hoyden About Town posted about a research paper from the Medical Journal of Australia about how indigenous people in that country who are stricken with lung cancer receive less treatment and die sooner.

* * * * *

And of course, today brings sad news about Senator Ted Kennedy. The medical issues he’s facing are fresh on our minds, and probably our listeners’ minds, thanks to our recent show on Brain Tumors and today’s show on Strokes. Click the links to listen back to those shows; Senator Kennedy has been diagnosed with a malignant glioma, which I know they discussed on the Brain Tumors show.

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