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From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

Scaffolding now completely fills the rotunda of the Kentucky State Capitol, where extensive renovation and repair work is underway. RotundaWork3

One-hundred-76-feet of scaffolding rises from the rotunda floor, topped by a circular, plywood platform the diameter of the inner dome. That’s where Jerry Hazletine and his crew from Midwest Maintenance are scraping, patching and preparing the dome for fresh paint and new lighting.

“We just found a lot of paint peeling. We’ve got one plaster repair there that’s pretty major. It’s not a water issue. It’s an old plaster patch, is all that is,” he said.

Surveying the scene, David Buchta of Historic Properties says the work was badly needed. “You know, if we have to do this every 45 or 50 years, I think it’s great for this landmark of a building,” Buchta said.

The renovation will have the inner dome looking new for the building’s centennial celebration next year. The capitol was dedicated in 1910.

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