You may have heard Third District Congressman John Yarmuth on WFPL Monday discussing gun control in the wake of the Newtown shooting. He’ll be discussing the issue again on public radio Tuesday with an appearance on the nationally-syndicated Diane Rehm Show.

Yarmuth’s office says he’ll likely be on for about ten minutes around 10:15 am. 

Within hours, Yarmuth’s statement on gun control—in which he said he would favor legislation banning assault weapons, requiring background checks, limiting high-powered ammunition sales and eliminating the gun show loophole in firearm purchases—garnered him a mention in the New York Times (which, oddly, called him a moderate Democrat, similar to West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin) and an appearance on MSNBC.

The congressman is frequently a guest on cable news programs, but we may be seeing even more of him on the national stage. Spokesman Stephen George says “There has been considerable interest in what the Congressman said on gun control.”