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Kentuckians concerned about moves across the nation that reduce access to reproductive healthcare are planning a rally in Frankfort aimed at getting notice from state legislators.

Organizers of The Kentucky Road Rally for Reproductive Rights are encouraging people from across the state to bring decorated vehicles and posters on Nov. 2 to the steps of the state Capitol to  show support for issues that affect the freedom of family planning.

Amber Duke, ACLU of Kentucky representative, said there will be four key issues rally participants will focus on bringing attention to and gathering support for.

Comprehensive sex education, access to contraception, access to abortion services and family support services will be the issues that rally organizers will be fighting for, Duke said.

“It’s an energizing moment,” she said. “To get people involved and plugged in ahead of the legislative session.”

Duke said recent legislation passed in Texas, North Carolina, Mississippi and South Dakota initiated cuts in family planning programs and shrunk access to abortion services.

The rally is part of an effort to send a message to lawmakers that “we don’t want the things happening in other states happening here in Kentucky,” she said.

The ACLU views reproductive rights as a family issue, but Duke said that “we all benefit from reproductive rights.”

For more information about the upcoming rally, visit the website www.kyroadrally.org.

Jacob Ryan is a reporter for the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting.