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Listen NowEnvironmental attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. spoke to a crowd gathered today in the parking lot of Liberty Green, a new green affordable housing development east of downtown Louisville.  Kennedy was on hand to help highlight a new federal, state, and city partnership to build more such housing, with the help of federal stimulus dollars and newly trained green collar workers.  Kennedy emphasized the importance of ridding the nation of fossil fuels and transitioning to renewable fuels, which he said would be cheaper in the long run.  But he also said the most important way to save energy dollars is efficiency.

“The cheapest energy we can create is through conservation, through places like this, by building new housing and new buildings and new factories that are energy efficient,” said Kennedy.

The Louisville Metro Housing Authority has applied to the U.S. Housing and Urban Development department for stimulus funding to build more affordable green housing.

Note: Listen to an excerpt of Kennedy’s speech by clicking on the “Listen” button above.