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From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh.

State officials now say a final report on the cause of a recent riot at a central Kentucky prison will be made public early next week.

Corrections officials had planned to release the findings of a Critical Incident Review Team today, but the report won’t reach Justice Secretary Michael Brown’s hands until late this afternoon, and he will need time to study it.

The review team has been investigating why prisoners at the Northpoint Training Center near Danville rioted August 21st.

During the melee, six buildings, including the prison kitchen, were destroyed by fire. Several inmates and staff were treated for minor injuries, but there were no escapes.

Two employees of the prison who testified before legislative panels in Frankfort blamed lousy food and prison yard restrictions for the riot, but gang violence has also been cited.

More than 100 inmates of the prison face disciplinary action in connection with the disturbance.