Local News

By Dan Conti, Kentucky Public Radio

If the so-called “super committee” comes up with a plan to reduce the federal debt by more than a trillion dollars, House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers, R-Ky., thinks it will get through both chambers of Congress.

The congressman offered his take on the controversial 12-member panel of House and Senate lawmakers during a stop in Morehead last week.

Rogers says if the bi-partisan committee crafts a plan that reduces both discretionary and entitlement spending, including closing some tax loopholes, it will have broad support.

“It’s going to take sacrifice e on just about everybody in order to get rid of that deficit and get us back under a job producing economy,” he says. “And that 12-person committee’s responsibility is very heavy. Tough, tough job but I’ve got to believe they’ll be successful. The penalty for not being successful is just too much to pay.”