Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is scheduled to make a stop in Indiana to campaign for GOP Senate contender Richard Mourdock at a fundraiser.

From the Evansville Courier & Press:

The Republican presidential candidate will campaign for Indiana’s Republican U.S. Senate candidate, Richard Mourdock, during the stop at Stepto’s BBQ Shack, 4430 1st Ave. That event will start at 2:50 p.m.


The cheapest tickets to that fundraiser cost $2,500 per person and the maximum is $75,800, with the proceeds going to the joint fundraising committee Romney Victory, Inc.

It could be the Republican presidential candidate’s last appearance in a state that is considered solidly within Republican hands as he tries to knock off Democratic President Barack Obama on Nov. 6.

A Rasmussen poll shows Mourdock leading Democratic Congressman Joe Donnelly by just a two-point margin and trailing among moderates by 27 points. That is troubling for the Mourdock campaign considering the survey is considered to favor GOP candidates.

The Indiana Senate race has picked up a national profile for both candidates. Donnelly appeared on MSNBC's Hardball this week where he criticized Mourdock’s “my way or the highway” approach.

Check it out:

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