The chairman of the Republican Party of Kentucky has asked Attorney General Jack Conway to investigate a recent endorsement in the Louisville Mayor’s race.

Independent candidate Jackie Green dropped out of the race last week and endorsed Democrat Greg Fischer. E-mails released this week show that the two had discussed Fischer adopting some of Green’s policies on the environment. Eventually, Green announced the endorsement and said he would help advise Fischer in the creation of an office of sustainability in Metro Government. In one e-mail exchange, however, Green told his staff they may have a role inside a Fischer administration.

Green and Fischer deny that the discussions violate state law, which prohibits offering “things of value” in exchange for votes.

Republican Party of Kentucky Chair Steve Robertson’s letter to Conway asks the Attorney General to investigate the matter. Since Conway has donated to Fischer’s campaign, the letter further asks that Conway appoint a special prosecutor to the investigation.

Republican candidate Hal Heiner has repeatedly criticized the endorsement as a “backroom deal.”

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