Local News

Partially in response to a video made to promote the Ohio River Bridges Project, the group Say No to Bridge Tolls has released its own video.

The six-and-a-half-minute piece celebrates the progress of anti-toll organizations so far and encourages area residents to continue opposing tolls. Say No to Bridge Tolls is among several groups that took some of the credit for a recent $1.2 billion cut to the project ordered by the Mayor of Louisville and the governors of Kentucky and Indiana.

“For over a year we have been fighting to downsize the Bridges Project and keep tolls off our bridges. This video gives credit to those people and organizations that made change possible. We won 75% of our fight downsizing Spaghetti Junction AND taking tolls off the table for the Sherman Minton and Clark Memorial Bridges. Now our focus is keeping tolls off the Kennedy Bridge,” says Say No to Bridge Tolls co-founder Shawn Reilly.

While it’s not mentioned in the anti-toll video, the project comes after a pro-bridges businessman commissioned the short film “Building Bridges with Benny Breeze.” That movie was meant as a comedy, though many jokes were cut after sources close to the project told various media outlets that the humor was based on racial stereotypes.

(Dalton Main contributed to this report)