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More than 100 bills have been prefiled for consideration by the 2011 Kentucky General Assembly, which convenes January 4th

A bill allowing parents to send their children to neighborhood schools has several Senate sponsors, including President David Williams.  

Sen. Damon Thayer wants more information about government spending posted on the Internet.  Sen. Joey Pendleton wants to legalize the growing of industrial hemp.

In the House, a constitutional amendment preventing lawmakers from being paid for special sessions when they fail to pass a budget during a regular session has several Republican sponsors. 

Rep. Jessie Crenshaw is again offering legislation to restore voting rights for felons who have paid their debt to society. 

Rep. Danny Ford wants to prevent the sale of energy drinks to minors, Rep. Jim Wayne wants public financing of judicial campaigns and Rep. Fitz Steele wants to give Kentuckians a back-to-school sales tax holiday.