Kentucky’s special session on Medicaid officially ended Wednesday evening. Adjournment came after Senate Republicans approved resolutions symbolically overriding Governor Beshear’s line-item vetoes of the Medicaid bill. Eleven Democrats in the chamber, including Representative Robin Webb of Grayson, refused to support the resolutions.

“My outrage is we had to come back for a special session. It was unnecessary. It’s been costly. And we’re here today and we have no purpose today. Purpose here today is sheer politics. We’ve heard bashing the governor. We’ve heard all that. That’s the purpose here today,” he said.

Constitutionally, lawmakers must be paid for the entire 24-day session, but Senate President David Williams promises no Senate member will be paid for any day past March 24th.

“Either they can make refunds voluntarily, or I will withhold the days over the next several months,” he said.

That’s the day the House adjourned, went home and refused to come back. The cost to taxpayers for the special session was nearly 64-thousand dollars a day.