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House Republicans aren’t the only members of the General Assembly looking to sue over new redistricting lines.

Democratic state Senator Kathy Stein says she and many of her Lexington supporters are strongly considering getting involved as well. A handful of House Republicans filed a lawsuit in Franklin County Circuit Court today challenging the House redistricting map. Stein says she is likely to join those Republicans.

“Well I’m certainly very intensely studying the pleadings that they have and I believe that chances are very good that we will attempt to intervene in some manner,” she says.

Stein adds that many Lexington residents have also expressed a desire to file a lawsuit over the new map, which draws her out of her district.

“There are citizens in my Senate seat district who have told me they would be very anxious to be plaintiffs in a suit,” she says.” And this might be the quickest vehicle to get in front of a judge.”

Other Senate Democrats could be involved in the redistricting lawsuit as well. A request for an injunction to stop the new lines from going into effect will be heard on Monday morning.

Legislative leaders in both chambers say their new redistricting maps are constitutional and can withstand legal challenges.