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Representative from all sides of a proposed utility rate increase have reached a settlement agreement. Public Service Commissioners will consider the deal tomorrow.

Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities are seeking permission to make $2.5 billion worth of environmental upgrades to power plants, the costs of which would be passed along to ratepayers.

There were a number of parties involved in the case, including the utilities themselves, the state attorney general’s office, environmental groups and others. All of them have agreed to the settlement, which the commissioners will now consider.

Andrew Melnykovych is the spokesman for the PSC. He says settlement means much of the cross-examining of witnesses won’t be necessary.

“What will happen is the utilities will put on at least one, perhaps more witnesses to outline what’s in the settlement agreement and then it’ll be principally the commission’s staff and the commissioners themselves asking the questions about it,” he said.

Melnykovych expects that process to just take one day. The commissioners will decide by mid-December whether to approve the settlement, reject it, or require modifications.