Local News

Louisville’s Metropolitan Sewer District will hold two more public meetings to receive comments on its plans to upgrade the city’s entire sewer system.  The court-mandated upgrades are designed to prevent raw sewage from spilling into local waterways and update an aging sewer system.  Some public comments have expressed concern that sewage would be routed from the eastern part of the county to the southwest.  But MSD head Bud Schardein says that’s not true.

“The only thing that would be transported if we used that option to the southwestern part of the community would be wet weather flow.  And wet weather flow would be that excess flow that comes through the system during a rain event, and we’d have the ability to treat it there.”

Schardein says the plans are not yet final. But the full plan, with projects totaling nearly $900 million dollars, is due to regulators by the end of this year.

(The last two public meetings are November 20th and December 2nd.  Details are at http://www.msdlouky.org/projectwin/.)