Local News

by Gabe Bullard

Louisville Metro Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin wants to take action against some of the city’s vacant property owners.

Shanklin says there are too many abandoned and unused properties in Louisville that have fallen into states of disrepair. Shanklin says she’s working with the county attorney on legislation that would bring attention to neglected properties by publishing the owners’ names in the newspaper.

“[I asked] Can we publish them the same way we do deadbeat dads? And he said more than likely, if they prosecute them, it’s open records and anybody that’s been prosecuted, we can publish it,” she says.

If property is neglected for too long, the owners are cited and in some cases the city can move in to perform basic maintenance. Maintenance is often delayed, however, as the city has limited time and resources to manage the properties.

Shanklin says many of the people who have been cited own several properties. She adds that there is no specific timeline for completing the legislation, though she expects several other council members to support it when it is introduced.