Update 1:49pm: The shelter-in-place in Jeffersontown has been lifted.

Original post:

A chemical leak in Jeffersontown prompted a shelter-in-place on Friday for people within a mile of 11621 Electron Drive.

MetroSafe says the leak happened around 11:16 this morning at Peptides International. The chemical that leaked was hydrogen fluoride–a colorless gas that can cause respiratory damage in humans.

One employee was injured, per MetroSafe:

“One employee transported himself to the hospital, was decontaminated outside of the hospital, and has been reported in stable condition.  Jeffersontown Fire Department ordered a Shelter in Place for one (1) mile of the location at 11621 Electron Drive and evacuated 300 yards of the same location.  The Hazardous-Materials Team entered the building and have reported zero (0) readings within the facility and will continue testing throughout.  Peptides has called in an environmental company to perform clean-up inside the lab for any residual product that may have penetrated the lab and/or facility.  Fire officials remain on the scene monitoring the incident.”