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An ordinance that would legalize Sunday alcohol sales at Shepherdsville restaurants will be introduced in the city council meeting Monday.

The legislation comes after Shepherdsville residents voted nearly 75 percent in favor of expanding liquor sales. The vote was nonbinding, and council member Bonnie Enlow says the turnout wasn’t high enough to convince her to support Sunday sales.

“Such a small amount of people showed up to vote—like, three percent of our registered voters. And that just shows me there’s not much interest in the subject,” she says.

Enlow also opposes the measure on religious grounds.

“You’ve pushed God out of the schools. You’ve pushed Him out of the court system. Pushed Him out of everywhere. Somewhere along, you’ve got to stand up and say enough is enough,” she says.

Proponents say it will help area restaurants. Enlow says hers is one of two definite votes against the measure. She says there are three likely votes in favor, and one undecided. In the case of a tie, the mayor would cast the deciding vote. The mayor voted against a similar measure last year.