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On Wednesday, Louisville Cardinals guard Kevin Ware spoke at news conference attended by every local media outlet and several national news outlets. They all were curious about Ware’s right leg, which he broke in Sunday’s Elite Eight game before a national televised audience.

Ware’s injury was the news peg used by many writers to discuss how the NCAA treats its athletes. Among those was David Sirota, who wrote in Salon.com:

But whether or not Ware himself has some modicum of financial aid stability, his injury on the national stage serves as a reminder that too many athletes do not. And that is a wake-up call telling the game-watching audience that for all the excitement, enjoyment and heartbreak that college basketball generates, it is entertainment predicated on an immoral business model — one that must finally change.

Sirota spoke recently with WFPL’s Jonathan Bastian about this topic, the use of athletes’ names and images on apparel and whether they should be compensated.

Listen below: