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From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

The video slots bill easily cleared the budget committee of the Kentucky House of Representatives and is expected to receive a floor vote on Friday.

With several members saying they were voting yes only to get the bill on the floor, the House Appropriations and Revenue committee voted 19-9 for the video slots bill.  Covington Rep. Arnold Simpson voted yes, but said that won’t be his vote on the floor.

“Because I think it’s not in the best interest of my unique community,” he says. “In saying so, I make no gestures toward your good intent in bringing the bill.  I just could not support the measure on the House floor.”

The measure needs 51 votes to pass the House.  The one-point-three billion dollars in school construction projects added to make the measure more palatable are not in the slots bill.  They will be in the budget bill to be voted on later.