Local News Noise & Notes

For over a year, WFPL’s political editor Phillip M. Bailey has written the Noise & Notes political blog. Now he has something for your ears.


The Noise & Notes podcast is a weekly conversation between Phillip and another politically-minded person. They could be a reporter, an author or even a politician. For the pilot, Phillip’s guest is me, Gabe Bullard. This week’s topics:

  • The presidential race. What matters most in Kentucky: votes or donations?
  • The city’s budget woes. Could ever be an appetite for a tax increase?
  • The special session in Frankfort. What else is there to say?

Because the news cycle (and surely everyone’s attention) is now being pulled in by the Derby’s tractor beam, our official podcast launch will be May 11th. We’ll keep doing pilots until then, so let us know what you think in the comments section. You can subscribe to those with this link, but we’ll be rolling out a new RSS before the launch. (Yes, it’s frustrating to have to switch, but we’ll have some more surprises by then, too).