Local News

Although flooding caused problems around Louisville this morning, some areas had few if any problems. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer reports.

Neighborhoods on higher ground and those with ample drainage had clear streets after this mornings deluge. One of them was Houston Acres in eastern Jefferson County. Houston Acres mayor Charles Bartman says drainage was good there.

“Our lights dipped once or twice, so the electricity stayed on,” Bartman says. “The rain was very heavy and the wind was heavy as in most places. I didn’t notice any more than the usual surface flooding that we get and it was carried off into the sewers, which sometimes can cause a problem, but we didn’t get any backup.”

Bartman says flooding happens infrequently in Houston Acres.

“This area doesn’t generally flood as much as a little bit farther west of us in Hikes Point, for instance, because right here there are a lot of limestone sinkholes,” Bartmans says. “The sinks carry off the surface water and that one actually drains both sides of Taylorsville Road for a good area.”

Bartman says heavy rains in the area sometimes cause water to seep into residents’ basements.