Local News

University of Louisville President James Ramsey has toured the flood-damaged Belknap campus and he says the recovery effort will be extensive.

Thirty university buildings took on water, and some of the damage was severe. Summer classes have resumed but with many courses relocated, and Ramsey says some of the relocations may last into the fall semester. The education building and possibly several others may not be repaired in time for the start of fall classes on August 24th.

“We’ll find other space,” says Ramsey. “We’ve had an offer from Spalding. We’ll talk to them and see if that works. We’ll re-arrange things on this campus so we’ll open on time on August 24th.”

Furthermore, Ramsey says he’s not sure how much repairs to the damaged buildings will cost.

“We don’t have a number and don’t want to speculate because right now we’re still cleaning up and assessing,” he says. “We do have insurance with the state.”

The school could also receive federal funds if a disaster is declared in Jefferson County, which city officials say is highly likely.