Local News

We’re offering NPR News special coverage of the death of Osama bin Laden this morning.

NPR News has reporters fanned out across Washington DC, New York City, the nation and around the world. The main threads of coverage will be the covert military operation targeting Bin Laden – reported by Tom Bowman and Tom Gjelten, what his killing means for the Obama administration – from Scott Horsley and Cokie Roberts, reaction from Congressional leaders – from Andrea Seabrook.

We’re also getting reaction and analysis from Julie McCarthy in Pakistan, Soraya Nelson in Saudi Arabia and Quil Lawrence in Afghanistan; reaction from Ground Zero in New York with Robert Smith, where crowds gathered as soon as news began to break; as well as reaction from the Muslim community in Dearborn, MI, with Sonari Clinton and from around the rest of the country.

We’ll have coverage from BBC Newshour at 9am, and the first hour of the Diane Rehm Show today is also devoted to the latest news. It’s likely we’ll make other changes to the schedule later in the day. And if so, you’ll find out here first.