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As part of WFPL’s Halloween series “Spooked: Louisville Ghost Stories,” listeners have told us about their most memorable scary experiences.

But this week, Graham Shelby tells us a different kind of ghost story about his birth father, Jimmy Godwin.

After serving in the Vietnam War, Godwin was haunted by his time in combat and the spirits of friends who were killed in action. As a result, he became increasingly obsessed with the supernatural, almost to the detriment of his relationship with Shelby.

You can listen to the story in the audio player above.

Friday evening Shelby is also performing his one-man show, “The Man on TV,” which tells a longer story of his relationship with Godwin, whom Shelby saw for the first time when Godwin appeared on the CBS Evening News as part of a special on veterans. More information is available here.

Ashlie Stevens is WFPL's Arts & Culture Reporter.