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As part of WFPL’s new Halloween series “Spooked: Louisville Ghost Stories” we’ve heard from Randi Skaggs, who talked about a house with an unsettling history and unexplained activity, and from Nancy Davidson, who told us about her late-night shift at a morgue-turned-office building.

Neither had particularly positive experiences being spooked — but this week brings a different kind of ghost story.

Jon Huffman (whom you may recognize as Titus Andronicus from Kentucky Shakespeare’s current production) and Barb Cullen have lived in their Old Louisville house for 16 years.

Right after they moved in and renovations began, they noticed things would go missing for days and reappear in places they didn’t belong; a hammer appearing randomly on the front staircase, for example. Then came the haunting noises with no logical source: a woman sobbing, chains rattling, a chandelier crashing to floor.

The couple enlisted the help of psychics, who informed them that there were several (relatively friendly) spirits living permanently in their home.

Huffman and Cullen introduced me to one of the spirits.

Listen to their story in the audio player above.