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Throughout October, listeners have sent in their scary experiences for inclusion in WFPL’s Halloween series “Spooked: Louisville Ghost Stories.”

The final story in our series comes from Steven Michael Carr. In it, he talks about a dream he had in high school — one that permanently impacted how he thinks about the afterlife.

You can listen to it in the audio player above. Here’s a complete list of all of the “Spooked” stories:

“The Door Marked ‘Private” by Nancy Davidson

“Footprints On the Wall” by Randi Skaggs

“The Little Girl Loves That You’re Here” by Barb Cullen and Jon Huffman

“The Ghosts of War” by Graham Shelby

“Murder in the Alley” by Melissa Dillinger

“Sauerkraut Cave” by Michelle Eigenheer

“The Shriek In the Forest” by Dan Trabue