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State officials have asked for a temporary injunction against Childers Oil in Whitesburg, Kentucky.  The company has already been cited twice for allowing underground petroleum storage tanks to leak into the county’s water supply.  During the last period of contamination, in February, county residents went nearly 10 days without tap water.  Whitesburg Mayor James Wiley Craft says he’s met with Childers Oil owner, Don Childers, to ask for reimbursement for the city’s costs during those 10 days.

“He has agreed to make restitution to the city for its expenses.  So, if he does follow through on that and I believe he will, then there’s no need for any kind of legal action,” says Craft.

Craft says the city incurred expenses flushing the entire water distribution system with clean water, as well as in overtime pay for city employees ask to hand out bottled water.  Don Childers could not be reached for comment.