Nearly two years after the death of Muhammad Ali, a new lecture series aims to teach Louisvillians more about the legend and his faith.

It’s part of the Muhammad Ali Center’s “Stories of Ali” series, which will explore the famed boxer’s life through oral presentations. The first lecture in the series looks at Ali’s experiences with Islam, his religious conversion and his decision to devote much of his life to his faith.

Jeanie Kahnke, the center’s senior director of public relations and external affairs, said the lecture will teach people subtle details of Ali’s life and give them reason to celebrate him.

“When Muhammad Ali passed away in June of 2016, the Louisville community came together in a way which was very special,” Kahnke said. “We want the community to learn more about Muhammad’s legacy and celebrate it – and be proud of it.”

The first lecture in the “Stories of Ali” series is scheduled for March 30 at 6 p.m. It’s free and open to the public. University of Louisville professor Brandon McCormack and Muhammad Ali Center CEO Donald Lassere will speak. More information can be found here.