Commentary Strange Fruit

Author and historian David Williams joins us this week to talk about his new book “Secrets of Old Louisville,” which is filled with the forgotten lore, hidden treasures and shocking secrets that are a part of the enchanted Louisville neighborhood’s history.

In 1982, Williams also founded one of the largest LGBTQ+ archives and libraries in the country, the Williams-Nichols Collection, which is now housed at the University of Louisville and contains more than 1,700 books, buttons, bar flyers and other LGBTQ+ memorabilia related to Louisville and the country.

Later in Juicy Fruit, Doc and I discuss rapper Remy Ma’s controversial stance on the use of the N-word by white rapper Lil Xan and other non-black people of color, including Robert Ortiz, the gay and Puerto Rican New Yorker who got caught on video using the word to insult his black Lyft driver.

And finally, I tease that Doc and her wife Missy have something very interesting planned for their Halloween costumes.