Commentary Strange Fruit

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As the host of Strange Fruit we’ve often wondered why pants made for men have plenty of pockets while most pants designed for women are pocketless. This week we discuss about the problematics of the gender binary when it comes to fashion and clothing and speak with Washington Post writer Samantha Schmidt about a Washington, DC area sewing class designed to deconstruct the gender rules in fashion and reconstruct clothing that better meets form and function for the queer and trans participants.

Later this month, Louisville plays host to the second annual Midwest Queer Comedy Festival, a showcase designed to expose audiences to comedic voices from the LGBTQ community. Starting August 21st, the MQCFest will be five nights of shows, showcases, podcasts, and after parties. This year’s line-up is stacked with nearly 75 acts, including headliner Sampson McCormick.

McCormick is an award-winning Black queer comic who first joined us for a conversion about breaking barriers last December. He’s back this week to talk about his upcoming appearance at MQCFest and about his new movie A Different Direction with Darryl Stephens from TV’s “Noah’s Arc.”

Also joining us to discuss all things queer and comedic is comedian Keith McGill, who is an associate producer of the festival, and MQCFest creator and executive producer Dwayne Duke.