Commentary Strange Fruit

Our bodies are labeled from the moment we’re born, when we’re assigned a sex and gender. From that point on, a million stereotypes and expectations are projected onto them.

Even in the gay community, where we might not expect heteronormative gender roles to be reinforced, sometimes our body type determines what “type” of lover people expect us to be.

Slender and femme? She probably dates butch women.

Tall and muscular? He must be a top.

Why is it that we expect people who look a certain way to take on a certain role in the relationship, and in bed?

We talk about it this week with Sieta Saudades, who recently wrote a piece for the Black Youth Project called, “We need to talk about gay men using body types to conform to heteronormative gender roles.”

Also this week, Jai insinuates that Doc likes pumpkin pie better than sweet potato pie because she’s from Michigan. Chaos ensues.

And Intern Brandon leaves the nest! Find out what grade we gave him and what his plans are after graduation.

Laura is LPM's Director of Podcasts & Special Projects.