Commentary Strange Fruit

When we on #TeamStrangeFruit heard about the shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando last Sunday morning, we reached out to each other. Throughout that day, we reached out to our community, our friends at the Fairness Campaign, and our counterparts across the river at Jeffersonville Pride, and helped create the beautiful vigil on the Big Four Bridge.

In the week that’s followed, we find ourselves reaching out to the people in our lives who are wise, and who maintain their ability to love in the face of hate and violence. One of those folks is Reverend Alvin Herring, friend to the show and LGBTQ ally (and the officiant of Kaila and Missy’s wedding, earlier this year!).

It’s been a week since the shooting. Life goes on, but nothing feels normal, and maybe it never will again — at least not like it was before. So instead of recording a regular episode, we just brought Reverend Al into the studio, and he and Kaila had a conversation about faith, hate, love, recovery, and support. This week we bring you that conversation, and we hope it is as healing for you as it was for us.

Thanks for listening, and we’ll be back with a regular show next week.

Laura oversees WFPL's podcast strategy and produces Curious Louisville, where listeners submit questions and our reporters find out the answers.