Commentary Strange Fruit

Happy Belated Turkey Day! We’re keeping it light this week with a full episode of Juicy Fruit, featuring a hodgepodge of hot topics. Did the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos-flavored turkey make your Thanksgiving menu this week?

Speaking of flavors, the FDA is moving to ban the sale of all menthol-flavored cigarettes and restrict sales of flavored vapes and e-cigarettes. More than 88 percent of African-American smokers prefer menthol cigarettes. Is this an appropriate attempt to improve public health or simply misguided government overreach?

In music news: It might be NSFW, but if the viral Jill Scott video has you clutching your pearls or shaking your head, well then you’ve got this all wrong.

And by popular request, #TeamStrangeFruit reveals our selections for our Holiday-inspired mixtape.

Laura oversees WFPL's podcast strategy and produces Curious Louisville, where listeners submit questions and our reporters find out the answers.