Strange Fruit

2015-04-22 15.44.10

There’s a lot going on out there, Fruitcakes, so this week, we give you a whole episode of Juicy Fruit, with special guest co-host, actress, Alexandria Sweatt.

The death of Freddie Gray in police custody in Baltimore, and the shooting of Eric Harris by a volunteer sheriff’s deputy in Tulsa, are the latest in a string of black men killed by police. We look at the specifics of those cases, and how they’re being handled by investigators and city leaders.

We also take on lighter topics this week, such as a new restaurant, Tallywackers, trying to bring the Hooters experience to a Dallas gayborhood. We couldn’t let the week go by without addressing Gwyneth Paltrow’s food stamp challenge, in which she purchased foods that would be neither accessible nor practical for actual people on government assistance.

And the so-called Kylie Jenner challenge, which had Instagram users artificially plumping their lips in pictures, leads to a discussion about how black fashions, when adopted by white celebrities, are treated as new and groundbreaking. Remember when Marie Claire magazine breathlessly praised Kylie’s “new epic” hairstyle—and it was cornrows?

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