Commentary Strange Fruit

Because July is Minority Mental Health Month, we’re dedicating this entire episode to discussing the mental health and wellness of black kids and adults.

Our first guests this week are Aaron Hunt, a clinical psychology doctorate student and co-author of “Depression in Black Boys Begins Earlier Than You Think,” and his partner Lee Dukes, a special education teacher and a second-year Master of Education student.

They join us to discuss suicide and depression in black boys, how the school system is complicit in creating and fostering poor mental health, and what it will take to turn this trend around.

Later, therapist Brittany Johnson join us to discuss how poverty, race and unresolved childhood traumas are leading more black adults to seek therapy. She credits Millennials with breaking the stigma around mental health and therapy.

Johnson, author of the self-published book “Get Out of Your Own Way: 21 Days to Stop Self Sabotage,” shares tips on recognizing and conquering anxiety.

In Juicy Fruit, we salute chart topping crossover rapper Lil Nas X, who recently publicly confirmed that he’s a gay man, and we celebrate black and queer mermaids everywhere.

Listen to the show: