Commentary Strange Fruit

Have you ever just wished that you could just wave a wand and all of the oppression, injustice and trauma in the world would disappear, like magic? Author Ariel Gore, a self-described social justice witch, says that not only is it possible, but she’s written a magical guide to show us just how to do it.

Hexing the Patriarchy: 26 Potions, Spells, and Magical Elixirs to Embolden the Resistance” contains more than two dozen incantations, recipes, and rituals collected from witches from various traditions. Gore joins us this week to discuss her own journey to social justice witchcraft and shares how feminist magic can help uplift and empower the disenfranchised.

Later in the show we have a provocative conversation regarding race, interracial unions and social justice as we speak with writer Madena Maxine about why white folks in interracial marriages should care about anti-racism work. She examines the topic in her deeply-personal essay Racial Trauma & My Interracial Marriage.

Listen to the show: