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Strange Fruit: Sports! They’re A Thing In The News

Sports! They’re a big deal to a lot of people. But we just don’t know that much about them. So our intern Brandon is taking over part of this week’s show.

Brandon and his homie KJ talk about Colin Kaepernick and other athletes kneeling during the National Anthem, and the NFL’s response. They also dig into news stories involving Cam Newton and LaVar Ball (sports-related people, from what we understand).

And a conversation about Kentucky’s own Rupp Arena brings up bigger issues about places and things named to honor people with racist histories.

Laura Ellis

Laura oversees WFPL's podcast strategy and produces Recut, a weekly behind-the-news podcast. She also co-produces Curious Louisville, where listeners submit questions and our reporters find out the answers. Laura was born and raised in Louisville and has been with WFPL since 2004. When she's not making radio, she's on stage or in a sound booth making theater, or singing old-fashioned bourbon jazz with Billy Goat Strut Revue.

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