Strange Fruit

Sober spaces for LGBTQ folks to socialize are on the rise. With many of them facing social stigma, discrimination, harassment and violence, LGBTQ people are at a greater risk for drug and alcohol addiction than their straight counterparts.

We wondered just how easy or difficult it is for queer folks to commit to sober living when so much of gay social life is tied to parties, nightclubs and bars, and many of our community’s biggest pride festival sponsors are beer and liquor companies.

In this week’s episode, we hear from four friends of the show who called to tell us about their individual struggles with substance abuse and their new lives of sobriety free from drugs and alcohol.

In our Juicy Fruit segment, we discuss why the body-shaming sentiment of “she’s let herself go” is never a good excuse for when a man cheats on his wife.

Listen to the show: