Commentary Strange Fruit

In the fifth grade, Ola Ojewumi was diagnosed with a heart condition that made it difficult for her heart to properly pump blood throughout her body. By 11 years old, Ola was a double transplant recipient, with a chronic illness and limited mobility who relied heavily on a wheelchair. She became a person living with disability.

For many years Ola despised being disabled and tried to hide her disability. Now, she is the founder of the global education nonprofit organization, Project ASCEND, which provides college scholarships and civic engagement opportunities to low-income and disabled youth.

This week, we speak with Ola about her disabled black girl magic — her struggles, triumphs, and how she shows the world what it means to live with disabilities, not in spite of them.

And in Juicy Fruit: A Harvard professor says that if you eat more than six french fries at meal time then you’ve been overeating.

And PETA wants us to start feeding two birds with one scone.