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Students from all eight of Kentucky’s public universities have once again descended onFrankfort with a familiar message… stop cutting higher education.

At the annual Rally for Higher Education today, the messages were familiar. Students called on lawmakers to restore or increase funding for higher education. In one of the toughest budget cycles yet, that call is once again likely to go unanswered. But that didn’t stop students like Eastern Kentucky University junior Tyler Goodridge from demonstrating.

“I’m trying to encourage our legislators to show that education really is important,” Goodridge said. “Education should be one of the last things that they cut funding from.”

Generally, education is one of the last areas of the budget to be cut. But this year’s budget includes another 6.4 percent cut for higher education. University presidents say that will likely lead to higher tuition. Many students rallying today said tuition is already too expensive.

“I do I feel like tuition should be free,” says Morehead State University freshman Evelyn Baskett says. “But that’s a little far-fetched so I feel like it is too high. They need to work with students more to help get more students in school.”

The students who came to the Capitol pledged to continue rallying until their wishes are granted.