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The University of Louisville Student Government is hoping to ease student concerns over the school’s new mandatory meal plan policy.

Under a new food service contract, U of L will have expanded dining options, but all full-time undergraduates on the Belknap Campus must spend at least $250 per semester on a meal plan, including commuters to campus.

The policy takes effect next fall and has prompted some student complaints.   The Student Government Association approved the policy  and will hold a forum Monday to hear student concerns.

Dean of Students Michael Mardis says the school will allow students to opt out of the plan, but the criteria for that are still being developed.

“We haven’t decided what that waiver process is going to look like,” he says. “We’re going to hold focus groups and forums and get student government input and feedback into making those decisions.”

Mardis says residential students usually need to prove financial difficulty or religious or dietary conflicts to opt of their mandatory plans.