Kentucky Center for the Arts

This year’s Kentucky General Assembly approved 114 capital construction projects valued at more than one billion dollars. While projects at several universities and the Louisville Zoo did not make the list, one arts entity got a boost. The legislature approved nine million dollars in bonds for the Kentucky Center to upgrade the 25-year-old state-owned facility. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer reports.

 Kentucky’s Shrinking Middle Classcoin.jpg

A new study from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and the Economic Policy Institute ranks Kentucky 6th in the nation for inequalities between the richest and poorest members of society. WFPL’s Gabe Bullard talked with Terry Brooks, the executive director of the Kentucky Youth Alliance about the Commonwealth’s shrinking middle class.

Antiques Roadshow

Last summer, the popular public television program “Antiques Roadshow” brought its cameras back to Louisville. Thousands of people took family heirlooms and other items to the Kentucky International Convention Center for appraisal. The PBS show had previously stopped in here in antiques.jpg1998. The Louisville appraisals will be featured in three “Antiques Roadshow” episodes. The first will air April 21 and can be seen locally on Kentucky Educational Television.

Last week, the program’s executive producer, Marsha Bemko, and host Mark Walberg returned to Louisville for a KET fundraiser and to promote the upcoming episodes. They also spoke with WFPL’s Rick Howlett.

 Lights Out Dinners

Have you ever felt “in the dark” about a meal. You’re not sure what’s on the fish, or if is really is fish, and what’s that flavor in the soup? Well, dining is Louisville about the get more interesting and being “in the dark” about a meal will take on a whole new meaning. The IdeaFestival, held in Louisville each September, is known for presenting and generating cutting edge ideas. Chef Peng Looi is known for his innovative cuisine and artistic food presentation. So, what happens when the two get together?

Join WFPL’s Robin Fisher as she talks with David Mudd of the IdeaFestival and Chef Looi of Asiatique Restaurant about the upcoming “Lights Out Dinner” and the logistics of preparing a meal to be eaten with the lights out.

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