Kentucky’s Hydrologic Drought

A hydrologic drought has hit Kentucky and there seems to be no end in sight. Hydrologic droughts affect stream flows and water levels. State water officials say we need at least half a foot of rainfall to get us back on track. In the meantime, the drought is affecting many areas of the Commonwealth. Farmers are having a difficult time making hay and providing drinking water for beef cattle. Kentucky Division of Water Spokesperson Bill Caldwell talks about the drought with WFPL’s Heidi Caravan. Listen in to find out how you can make a difference.

Dr. Ian Smith

The author of “The Extreme Fat Smash Diet” and the spokesperson for “The 50 Million Pound Challenge,” Dr. Ian Smith offers nutritional advice as he discusses the growing epidemic of overweight people in America. A strong advocate for health education, Dr. Smith shares his weight loss expertise and how it can change your life. He spoke with WFPL’s Tiffany Donnelly.

Kentucky State Fair

Corndogs, pig races and midway rides – they’re all part of the Kentucky State Fair set this begin Thursday August 16th. This week WFPL’s Julie Goodwin talks with Amanda Storment about what’s new for 2007. This is also the weekend judges cast their votes for some of Kentucky’s finest vegetables, home brew and quilts entered in this year’s fair competitions.

No Pass – No Drive

A new Kentucky law for sixteen- and seventeen-year-olds connects doing well in school with obtaining a driver’s license or permit. The collaboration between the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and the Kentucky Department of Education places a requirement of academic standards in order for students to be permitted to drive.

Driver’s licenses and permits can also be revoked if a student is deemed academically deficient. WFPL’s Heidi Caravan talks with Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Spokesperson Doug Hogan about the new “No Pass/No Drive” law.

Listen to the show.