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Kentucky Center for African American Heritage

After two and a half years, construction has resumed on a cultural center in West Louisville.

Kentucky’s Caves

Humans have been leaving their mark on caves for thousands of years. We’ve sheltered in them, told our stories on their walls. In the prohibition-era 1920s, locals even created an entire subterranean nightclub in one of Hidden Cave’s deep-set caverns—complete with orchestra and dance floor. But it wasn’t until recently that people understood that what goes into a cave can come out the other end—with consequences. WFPL’s Kristin Espeland reports.

Q-and-A with Governor Steve Beshear

Governor Steve Beshear was in Louisville last week to participate in the annual Louisville Forum. He spoke about the financial challenges facing the state and how his administration is trying to deal with them. After his address, the floor was opened to questions from the audience. Here are a few of the questions offered by Louisvillians.

Water Issues in Sculpture

A local artist creates large-scale work inspired by the overwhelming issues that some countries face in finding water.

Lesley Kagen

A main character with a traumatic brain injury tries to solve a crime in a small Kentucky town in 1973. Throw in a pot-smoking Yankee neighbor, tense race relations, a shell-shocked Vietnam Vet and . . . well you get the picture. There’s a lot going on in Lesley Kagen’s lastest novel, Land of a Hundred Wonders. But it all comes together through the main character Gibby McGraw. Join WFPL’s Robin Fisher as she talks with Kagen about developing a character with a traumatic brain injury and how this frees the character from social conventions.

Jugband Jubilee

The Jugband Jubilee is set for next weekend in Louisville