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The Cost of Gasoline

The cost of gasoline has bounced around since summer began. Now drivers are enjoying a lower price for gas, as the cost per gallon has dropped twice in the past two weeks. Why does the price of gasoline change so often? Listen in as WFPL’s Heidi Caravan discusses the cost of gasoline with University of Louisville Assistant Economics Professor Barry Haworth.

The Cost of College Textbooks

The cost of college continues to grow. Tuition is increasing along with everything else on campus. The average student now spends $850 a year on books alone. And a new trend in textbooks has generated more worry.

Kentucky Public Radio’s Charles Compton reports.

‘Dear John’ Letters

Since WWII, men and women in the military have received ‘Dear John’ letters – ending relationships with their partners back home.

Clinical psychologist Michele Klevens is investigating the emotional effects of the letters on both the receiver and the sender. She’s in Louisville this week to find women who have sent ‘Dear John’ letters to men who are serving overseas in the military. She spoke with WPFL’s Deb Celizic.

A Day in the Life

Formerly known as Louisville Diversified Services, Zoom Group forms partnerships with businesses and community agencies to help adults with developmental disabilities find jobs.

As we learned during our visit with Annie Rosenberg-Sattich, for the Zoom Group employees, or clients, as they’re called, there’s a lot more to the program than just earning a paycheck.

Chef Timothy Taylor

The Salvation Army’s homeless shelter on South Brook Street is no ordinary shelter. The Center of Hope provides assistance for hundreds of clients and in the past two years a new culinary program was added to teach people skills they can use for employment. It’s been a great success and graduates have gone on to work at The Brown Hotel and 610 Magnolia, among other great Louisville restaurants.

Culinary program Chef Timothy Taylor spoke with WFPL’s Heidi Caravan about the training course.

Listen to the show.