Sue Grafton

For 25 years, crime fiction fans have followed the cases of Detective Kinsey Milhone, the wry, self-deprecating lead character in the alphabetical mystery series of author Sue Grafton. Grafton, who is a Louisville native, just released her 20th Milhone novel, T is for Trespass,  and spoke with WFPLs Susan Sweeney Crum about the character, the series and the future.

Brad Cowgill

Kentuckys education statistics are slowly improving. The Commonwealth has statistically ranked near the bottom in test scores and the number of college graduates in the state, but officials say those numbers are starting to change. Some credit the Post Secondary Education Improvement Act of ten years ago. Tune in to listen as Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Educations Brad Cowgill discusses education reform with WFPLs Heidi Caravan.

David Adkisson

Meanwhile, the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce has issued a report on postsecondary education compiled by a task force assembled last spring. WFPLs’ Rick Howlett talks with chamber President and CEO David Adkisson about the report.

MSD Improvements

Jefferson Countys Metropolitan Sewer District is entering the next phase of a major project to upgrade its sewer system. The goal is to curb the millions of gallons of untreated sewage that spill every year into local waterways. WFPLs Kristin Espeland reports.

Reaction to “Meeting Resistance”

Earlier this month, Louisville audiences got to see a new documentary about the Iraq war that takes a controversial approach: It interviews Iraqis who are fighting American soldiers. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer went to see the film and the reaction.

Listen to the show.