The Somali Bantu

The series “Different Diasporas in Louisville” examines the cultures different immigrant communities bring to the city. WFPL’s Stephanie Sanders learns more about the Somali Bantu community and how their journey has been less a story about maintaining a culture and more about survival.

Critical Thinking

For the final installment of his series on critical thinking in Kentucky’s colleges and universities, Kentucky Public Radio’s Charles Compton looks at reactions and concerns from students about changes that are occurring in higher education.

World War Two Pilots

Segregation and racism may have kept two World War Two pilots apart most of their lives, but today they have developed a strong friendship.

B-17 bomber pilot Herb Hielburn, a white man, and Tuskegee Airman John Leahr, an African-American, talk with WFPL’s Julie Goodwin about their story of growing up in the same Cincinnati neighborhood but living parallel but separate lives.

Floyd Central Theatre Program

If your memories of high school theater are of bad musicals and even worse costumes, you are in for a big surprise! The high school musical is alive and well, and international, in Southern Indiana. WFPL’s Robin Fisher talks with Chris Bundy, Director of Theatre Arts for Floyd Central High School about high school theater programs, international festivals and just what is in the water in Southern Indiana that makes these programs so great.

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