Shell Oil Co. President John Hofmeister

The future of energy in the U.S. was the focus of discussion recently during a meeting in Louisville of the World Affairs Council of Kentucky and Southern Indiana and the Kentucky World Trade Center. WFPL’s Julie Goodwin spoke with the president of Shell Oil Company, John Hofmeister, about future oil concerns.

Ohio River Bridges Project

Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson says its time to explore other financing options for the bridges project and reconfiguration of spaghetti junction. The Mayor called for a renewed commitment to the project during his State of the City address this month.

Critical Thinking

Last week, Kentucky Public Radio’s Charles Compton began a four-part series on critical thinking in Kentucky’s colleges and universities. This week, Compton explores the history of critical thinking.

Passport Changes

Flying to Canada and using your driver’s license for identification may have been okay a week ago… but new regulations now state you need a passport to re-enter the United States. The rule also applies to those coming from Mexico, South and Central America, Bermuda and the Caribeean. AAA Kentucky spokesperson Roger Boyd discussed the new regulations with WFPL’s Heidi Caravan.

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