Kentucky Legislature Preview

Kentucky ’s legislative session begins this week in Frankfort. Governor Steve Beshear and other House and Senate Leaders have expressed concern over the state’s tight budget. But the new governor has other goals for the session as well. Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh has a preview.

Bucks for Brains

The Kentucky General Assembly has a lot on its plate in the upcoming legislative session that starts Tuesday. As WFPL’s Stephanie Sanders reports, some post-secondary education leaders fear one of their most successful programs won’t get another round of funding because of concerns about the state’s tight budget.

Indiana Legislature Preview

The 2008 Indiana General Assembly convenes this week for a 30-day session at the Indiana Statehouse. WFPL’s Rick Howlett spoke with Matt Tulley, political columnist for the Indianapolis Star, about issues facing Hoosier lawmakers when they get to work on Tuesday.

Indiana’s U.S. Supreme Court Case

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments over Indiana’s voter ID law. The law requires all voters to present a valid state photo ID before casting a ballot. Many Republicans support the law, and they say it’s necessary to prevent voter fraud. Many Democrats, however, say the law is too strict and they believe it will prevent key parts of their base – specifically the elderly, poor and minorities – from voting because those groups may not drive or have another reason to carry ID. Indiana University Law Professor Michael Pitts gives WFPL’s Gabe Bullard a preview of the case.

Nonprofit Trends

In this country, giving to nonprofits is practically a holiday tradition, prompted by the season’s suggestion to think of those in need. Louisville’s non-profit sector did not suffer from the mortgage crisis or the volatile stock market in 2007, but nonprofit organizations are keeping a wary eye on 2008. Elizabeth Kramer surveyed several Louisville nonprofits about the trends they saw last year and their outlook for the New Year.

Environmental Issues of 2008

2007 put the environment in the spotlight all over Louisville and Kentucky. 2008 could deliver even more of a green focus. WFPL’s Kristin Espeland has this snapshot of what’s on the minds of environmental leaders as we enter 2008.

The History of American Jews

In the 1700’s the first Jews immigrated to the Dutch colonial city of New Amsterdam. More than 350 years later, New Amsterdam is New York and home to the world’s largest Jewish population outside Israel. And Jews didn’t just settle in New York. So how did American Jews go from an isolated few to millions located nationwide and in all strata of American life? WFPL’s Robin Fisher talked with filmmaker David Grubin about his new PBS series The Jewish Americans which traces the history of American Jews from the beginning to the present. Listen in as Grubin talks about what it means to be an American Jew. The three-part series will air on KET beginning on Wednesday, January 9th.

The Belle of Louisville

Some year-end renovation work on one of Lousiville’s most beloved icons has uncovered a long-forgotten piece of history. The discovery occurred late last month aboard the Belle of Louisville Riverboat. Linda Harris, the Chief Executive Officer of the Belle, shared the good news with Studio 619.

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